WWTP Filter Building

Construct a  tertiary gravity filter (i.e. Filter Building),  Secondary Effluent Pump Station,  Utility Water/Backwash Pump Station, and associated improvements at the Caldwell Wastewater Treatment Plant.

  • Location: Caldwell, ID
  • Cost: 12,248,892
  • Owner: City of Caldwell
  • Designer: Bowen & Collins Associates
  • Construction Period: 12/17 - 11/19

Manning Crevice Bridge Replacement

Manning CreviceCM/GC project to replace a 300’+ span double tower cable-stayed, suspension, vehicular bridge over the Salmon river with a single tower cable-stayed, suspension bridge.


  • Location: Riggins, ID
  • Cost: 9,640,000
  • Owner: WFHL
  • Designer: Atkins
  • Construction Period: 06/14 - 03/18

Upper Malad Fish Ladder

Construct a pile and lag wall system, concrete fish ladder with transport channel, viewing vault, auxiliary water system (AWS) and install equipment .

  • Location: Hagerman, ID
  • Cost: 3,850,000
  • Owner: Idaho Power
  • Designer: CH2MHill
  • Construction Period: 06/2017 - 12/2017

SH-3 St Joe River & St Maries RR Bridges

Replace existing bridges with new structures to meet current loading criteria, geometric standards, as well as pedestrian and ADA requirements. Work includes roadway reconstruction and shoulder widening at the north and south ends of the bridges, along with driveway and approach work, to provide proper tie-in and modifications to the Railroad Ave ramp.

  • Location: St. Maries, ID
  • Cost: 17,315,800
  • Owner: Idaho Transportation Department
  • Designer: J-U-B
  • Construction Period: 07/2017 - 11/2018

Idaho Falls WWTP Primary Treatment Improvements

Construct new primary sludge and scum submersible pumping stations, 115-foot primary clarifier with rake arm, covered primary sludge gravity thickener with odor control, thickened sludge pumping station, influent flow diversion and CIP rock trap structures. Upgrade 115-foot primary clarifier including new influent line, rake arm mechanism and walkway. Expand and modify electrical, instrumentation and controls. Install primary sludge de-gritting equipment, yard piping, earthwork and site improvements. Demolish primary sludge pumping station and grit removal facility.

  • Location: Idaho Falls, ID
  • Cost: 10,354,000
  • Owner: City of Idaho Falls
  • Designer: Murray Smith and Associates
  • Construction Period: 06/2017 - 01/2019

Replace Moose Wastewater and Address Critical Water Systems

Construct a new 60,000-GPD membrane biological reactor (MBR) activated sludge WWTP includes temporary lift station, new force main and gravity piping and demolish existing WWTP.  Also, construct a new Water Treatment System and  infrastructure including two  wells; a Well House building with electrical and chemical treatment rooms; 300,000 gallon buried concrete water storage tank; install over 20,000-LF of 12-inch and 8-inch water transmission main, electrical, SCADA and fiber conduits; and demolish existing water system infrastructure, well house, tanks and utility vaults.

  • Location: Moose, WY
  • Cost: 12,363,530
  • Owner: National Park Service
  • Designer: National Park Service
  • Construction Period: 09/2016 - 03/2018

Fall Creek Fish Facility

Modify existing fish facility including b. fish ladder extension, pre-sort pool, sorting area, post-sort pools with underneath truck loading, fish return to river pipe, water supply and discharge piping, buildings and shade structures, electrical improvements, civil site improvements, spray in place pipe lining.

  • Location: Lane County, OR
  • Cost: 13,848,860
  • Owner: USACE Portland District
  • Designer: USACE Portland District
  • Construction Period: 08/2016 - 07/2018

Jerome Phase II Wastewater Treatment Improvements

Improvements to the wastewater treatment plant involving construction of concrete and masonry structures; installation of clarifiers, pumps, mixers, blowers, diffused aeration, sludge thickening and dewatering equipment, anaerobic sludge digestion equipment, chemical feed systems, generator(s), and appurtenant work.

  • Location: Jerome, ID
  • Cost: 24,850,600
  • Owner: City of Jerome
  • Designer: Keller Associates
  • Construction Period: 08/2016 - 11/2018

Design-Build Selenium Treatment System Phases I & II

Phase I – Construct a 250gpm pilot treatment system (expandable to 2,000 gpm) utilizing a fluidized bed reactor high rate biological reduction process and an ultra-filtration reverse osmosis (UF/RO) pretreatment system to remove selenium to a rate of -0.005mg/L from South Fork Sage Creek and Hoopes Springs.

Phase II – Supply, deliver, and install  a 2,000-GPM “turnkey” supplied UF/RO Selenium  Treatment System.  Project includes  concrete, mechanical, HVAC, ventilation for Frontier Bioreactors, electrical, and instrumentation and controls.

  • Location: Smoky Canyon Mine, Afton, WY
  • Cost: 14,322,420
  • Owner: JR Simplot Company
  • Designer: Stantec
  • Construction Period: 02/2014 - 10/2017