Wawona WWTP, Yosemite National Park

Rehabilitate the 30-year-old WWTP to update processes to contemporary standards, improve energy efficiency, increase and improve plant treatment capacity, create onsite solids handling, meet compliance of current and anticipated treatment standards, and provide adaptability to low winter and high summer flows. Construction additional offices and workroom, upgrade toilet rooms and ABA accessibility, add electrical service to the new facilities, provide testing and startup, programming and integration to the SCADA system.  Also includes golf course renovations to replace irrigation system, irrigation pump, all irrigation controls, subsurface disposal within existing Fairway 7, clearing the existing fairway, new transmission pipelines, distribution and monitoring facilities, fairway restoration, and removal of the river discharge pipeline.

  • Location: Wawona, CA
  • Cost: $19,724,970
  • Owner: National Park Service
  • Construction Period: 06/2020 - 03/2022

Design-Build Joint Simulation Facility

50,967 SF facility includes reinforced concrete foundation and floor slab, structural steel frames, split-face masonry unit walls, standing metal seam roofing system, fire detection and protection system,   communication, utilities, pavements and site work.

  • Location: Nevada
  • Cost: $27,554,000
  • Owner: USACE
  • Designer: WJA-dc
  • Construction Period: 06/2020 - 06/2022

Teton County Parks and Recreation Maintenance / Housing Project, Jackson, WY

Construct a 28,657 SF four story (including basement) structure with vehicle storage, maintenance, administrative facility and residential units.

  • Location: Jackson, WY
  • Cost: $7,521,000
  • Owner: Teton County, Jackson Parks and Recreation Dept
  • Designer: Dubbe Moulder
  • Construction Period: 06/2018 - 05/2020

Blackfoot WWTP Improvements

Upgrade the existing wastewater treatment plant while maintaining complete plant operations. Construct new interceptor (that includes 58-inch boring under Interstate 15), new Headworks Building and UV Building, repair existing anaerobic digester, improve existing aeration system, retrofit existing secondary clarifier, demolish existing sewer systems and piping, work includes bypass pumping, site improvements, yard piping, electrical, controls & instrumentation.

  • Location: Blackfoot, Idaho
  • Cost: $14,050,780
  • Owner: City of Blackfoot
  • Designer: JUB Engineers
  • Construction Period: 11/2019 - 05/2021

Design-Build Red Flag 5th Generation Facility

Design and construct a 42,000 SF addition  to accommodate the facility mission.

  • Cost: $21,623,000
  • Owner: USACE Los Angeles District
  • Designer: WJA Design Collaborative
  • Construction Period: 07/2019 - 02/2022

Multipurpose Range Complex Repair

Repair two adjacent military training ranges, Range 1 and Range 36, repair existing target emplacements by replacing existing railroad tie retaining walls with new precast concrete coffins and concrete block retaining walls. Repair 15 KV power distribution systems, 240-volt systems and target controls. Construct new storm water drainage swales and reseed all disturbed areas.

  • Location: Orchard, Idaho
  • Cost: $22,000,000
  • Owner: State of Idaho Military Division
  • Designer: Farren Engineering
  • Construction Period: 01/2020 - 06/2021

Industrial Food Plant WWTP

Construct new two-million gallon per day (MGD) water treatment facility for a raw food processing plant. Structures include a 580-foot x 290-foot concrete Covered Anerobic Lagoon (CAL),  an Aerobic Basin, Secondary Clarifier, Headworks/Screening Building, Blower Building, and Biogas Building.

  • Location: Othello, Washington
  • Cost: $33,500,000
  • Owner: Private Owner
  • Designer: The Stover Group
  • Construction Period: 02/2020 - 03/2021

South Valley WRF Project 5

Construct a new multi-level grit removal building, including grit removal basins, grit pumping facilities, grit washing and conveying equipment, and associated appurtenances and yard piping. Modify existing bioreactors for improved biological phosphorus removal (BPR) including minor modifications to fine bubble diffusers, add mixing equipment, improve the aeration control system, add trench drains, improve mixed liquor discharge location, and associated appurtenances and yard piping.  In addition, the work includes appurtenant items related to the operation of new/replaced equipment including electrical and mechanical work. Startup, testing and commissioning of the new equipment and pumps is an integral part of the work.

  • Location: West Jordan, Utah
  • Cost: $21,129,494
  • Owner: South Valley
  • Designer: Corollo Enginers
  • Construction Period: 06/2019 - 05/2021

Design-Build Mission and Flight Simulator Training Facility

Design and construct a 52,000 SF facility to include open three-story simulator bays, along with site utilities, concrete pavement, site improvements, and landscaping.


  • Cost: $24,633,000
  • Owner: USACE Tulsa District
  • Designer: WJA - dc
  • Construction Period: 03/2019 - 03/2021

Upper Malad Fish Ladder

Upper MaladConstruct a pile and lag wall system, concrete fish ladder with transport channel, viewing vault, auxiliary water system (AWS) and install equipment.

  • Cost: $3,850,000
  • Owner: Idaho Power
  • Designer: CH2MHill
  • Construction Period: 06/2017 - 05/2018