ADAL Bldgs 295, 578 & 584

Design-Build addition and alteration to Bldg 295, renovate  Bldg 584, add Protective Canopy  to Bldg 584 and convert  Bldg 578 to specialized storage.


  • Cost: $4,412,000
  • Owner: USACE - Sacramento District
  • Designer: WJA
  • Construction Period: 02/2009 - 05/2010

Squad Ops / Aerial Port

squadOpnewConstruct 14,200 SF building for the C-130 Aerial Port Training, including a bridge crane and a 60′ high parachute tower.  Remodel and add to Building No. 1500, Hangar No. 559, for a 24,000 SF ARNG AASF Flight Operations facility and construct a separate  flight support and operations facility.



  • Cost: $5,537,000
  • Owner: Department of the Air Force
  • Designer: ZQA Architects
  • Construction Period: 02/1998 - 12/1999

HC130 / MC130 Flight Simulator Facility

Design-Build LEED Silver certified HC-130 / MC-130 Flight Simulators.

  • Cost: $9,738,000
  • Owner: USACE
  • Designer: Tetra Tech
  • Construction Period: 04/2010 - 09/2011

Design-Build Missile Procedure Training Facility

Design-Build  LEED Gold certified Missile Procedures Training Operations Facility to manage and direct missile operations includes briefing rooms, simulators, warehouse areas and non-food storage.

  • Cost: $9,505,000
  • Owner: USACE Omaha District
  • Designer: Tetra Tech / WJA
  • Construction Period: 01/2010 - 09/2011

Design-Build ADAL Missile Service Complex

Site visit 032cropped

Design-Build LEED Silver certified addition to the existing Missile Service Complex (MSC) Building 1235, and a new Proof Load Test Pit (PLTP)


  • Cost: $5,323,000
  • Owner: USACE Omaha District
  • Designer: Tetra Tech
  • Construction Period: 04/2010 - 09/2011

US Land Port of Entry

Portal LPOE 1Construct LEED Silver Certified 42,274 SF Main Port Building, 10,000 SF US Border Patrol Building, 13,600 SF Garage Training Facility, Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) Building and Non-Commercial Secondary Inspection Building to support the border crossing. The project included extensive site work, utilities, asphalt and, concrete paving, hazardous materials abatement, demolition and salvage.

  • Cost: $24,366,559
  • Owner: GSA
  • Designer: CTA Architects
  • Construction Period: 03/2010 - 11/2012

Design-Build US Land Port of Entry

ST 02Design and construct a LEED Gold Certified primary pedestrian inspection addition to the Main Building, an Inbound  Non-Commercial Secondary Inspection Building, high mast lighting, 8 dog kennel,  export dock, two additional inbound non-commercial primary inspection booths and one  inbound commercial primary inspection booth and site work including  roadways, sidewalks and chain link fence.


  • Cost: $8,694,000
  • Owner: GSA
  • Designer: Tetra Tech EC, Inc / WJA
  • Construction Period: 09/2010 - 09/2012

Boise State University Appleton Tennis Facility


Demolish existing tennis courts and construct a new tennis complex project includes six (6) tennis courts, central pedestrian area, grandstand raised seating, terraced spectator seating, landscaping and two linear buildings under the grandstand raised seating.

  • Cost: $1,942,000
  • Owner: Boise State University
  • Designer: Insight Architects
  • Construction Period: 07/2001 - 04/2002

Boise State University Parking Structure No. 1


Construct a four story parking structure with cast-in-place post tension elevated decks and masonry exterior stair towers and elevator.


  • Cost: $ 3,792,000
  • Owner: Boise State University
  • Designer: CSHQA Architects
  • Construction Period: 08/1999 - 08/2000

Boise State University Recreational Facility

Construct athletic facility with indoor elevated structural concrete running track, racquet ball courts, large meeting atrium, climbing wall, structural concrete and precast building with structural steel roof structure.


  • Cost: $11,500,000
  • Owner: Boise State University
  • Designer: Design West Architects
  • Construction Period: 04/2000 - 07/2002