Tank 1B Improvements

Construct a two-million-gallon prestressed concrete water storage reservoir, overflow pond, and site improvements, and connect the reservoir to the existing water distribution system. Project includes significant blasting and rock removal.

  • Cost: $3,172,700
  • Owner: City of Mountain Home
  • Designer: Keller Associates
  • Construction Period: 09/2018 - 05/2019

Reno Sewer Lift Station Replacements

Upgrade (4) sanitary sewer lift station include bypass pumping of each system as the dry and wet wells are replaced with new  wells,  pumps, mixers and generators.  Also includes new sanitary sewer gravity flow lines, force main lines, valves and access vaults.

  • Cost: $5,895,700
  • Owner: City of Reno
  • Designer: Stantec
  • Construction Period: 11/15 - 06/16

Design-Build Selenium Treatment System Phases I & II

Smoky 1Phase I – Construct a 250gpm pilot treatment system (expandable to 2,000 gpm) utilizing a fluidized bed reactor high rate biological reduction process and an ultra-filtration reverse osmosis (UF/RO) pretreatment system to remove selenium to a rate of -0.005mg/L from South Fork Sage Creek and Hoopes Springs.

Phase II – Supply, deliver, and install  a 2,000-GPM “turnkey” supplied UF/RO Selenium  Treatment System.  Project includes  concrete, mechanical, HVAC, ventilation for Frontier Bioreactors, electrical, and instrumentation and controls.

  • Cost: $15,362,020
  • Owner: JR Simplot Company
  • Designer: Stantec
  • Construction Period: 02/2014 - 12/2017

Twin Falls WWTP Improvements

Twin Falls 01Construct new 16mgd Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge (IFAS) treatment facility including new aeration basin, turbo blowers with building, secondary clarifier, RAS pump station, backup generator, and site improvements and demolition.  Modify the existing RAS, four (4) existing aeration basins, UV disinfection facility, and plant water pump system.

  • Cost: $18,599,216
  • Owner: City of Twin Falls
  • Designer: CH2MHill
  • Construction Period: 06/2014 - 05/2016

Pocatello WPCF Phase I Improvements

DCIM104MEDIAMAX_0023.JPGModify existing aeration basins providing new aeration piping, gates, instrumentation, airflow meters, mixers, and valves; Construct a new mixed liquor recycled pumping station; Modify existing control structure at the Biosolids Storage Lagoon; Modify the existing Disinfection Building into a new Chemical Building; Construct new UV Disinfection Building and Filtration Building; Install  Owner-furnished fine screens, washer compactor, and ultraviolet disinfection equipment; Perform all associated yard piping, civil, structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical and instrumentation work.

  • Cost: $19,594,963
  • Owner: City of Pocatello
  • Designer: HDR
  • Construction Period: 06/2015 - 02/2017

Jerome Phase II Wastewater Treatment Improvements

Improvements to the wastewater treatment plant involving construction of concrete and masonry structures; installation of clarifiers, pumps, mixers, blowers, diffused aeration, sludge thickening and dewatering equipment, anaerobic sludge digestion equipment, chemical feed systems, generator(s), and appurtenant work.

  • Location: Jerome, Idaho
  • Cost: $24,850,600
  • Owner: City of Jerome
  • Designer: Keller Associates
  • Construction Period: 08/2016 - 11/2018

Replace Moose Wastewater and Address Critical Water Systems

taggart tankConstruct a new 60,000-GPD membrane biological reactor (MBR) activated sludge WWTP includes temporary lift station, new force main and gravity piping and demolish existing WWTP.  Also, construct a new Water Treatment System and  infrastructure including two  wells; a Well House building with electrical and chemical treatment rooms; 300,000 gallon buried concrete water storage tank; install over 20,000-LF of 12-inch and 8-inch water transmission main, electrical, SCADA and fiber conduits; and demolish existing water system infrastructure, well house, tanks and utility vaults.

  • Location: Grand Teton National Park
  • Cost: $12,708,451
  • Owner: National Park Service
  • Designer: National Park Service
  • Construction Period: 09/2016 - 03/2018

Caldwell WWTP Filter Building

Construct a new tertiary gravity Filter Building, new Secondary Effluent Pump Station, and Utility Water/Backwash Pump Station to expand plant treatment 8.5 MGD. Project includes yard piping, site improvements, landscaping, electrical, instrumentation and controls, testing, commissioning and startup, demolition of existing infrastructure, dewatering, excavation, backfill and earthwork.

  • Location: Caldwell, Idaho
  • Cost: $12,337,260
  • Owner: City of Caldwell
  • Designer: Bowen & Collins Associates
  • Construction Period: 12/2017 - 11/2019

Ketchum Headworks Improvements

DCIM115MEDIAMAX_0012.JPGConstruct new splitter box, headworks building and influent screening channel including piping and hydraulic systems, odor control system and blowers, HVAC, electrical, instrumentation, and site improvements. Install Owner-furnished Carbon Odor Control System Perforated Plate Screen and Washer Compactor.

  • Location: Ketchum, Idaho
  • Cost: $2,415,419
  • Owner: City of Ketchum and Sun Valley Water and Sewer District
  • Designer: HDR Inc
  • Construction Period: 05/2018 - 03/2019

UASB and Process Wastewater Improvements

USAB ProcessUpgrade an industrial wastewater treatment plant including new 70’ primary clarifier, 140’ secondary clarifier with associated RAS/WAS building and lift station for sludge processing.

  • Cost: $8,386,450
  • Owner: Private
  • Designer: T.O. Engineers
  • Construction Period: 02/2018 - 11/2018