Oxbow Wastewater Treatment Facility

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Construct headworks building, primary lift station, membrane bioreactor (MBR) building with equipment and basins, process and scour air blower facilities, non potable water booster pump station, ultraviolet light disinfection, solids dewatering building comprised of a belt filter press and load out area sized for 2 MGD expandable to 8 MGD, maintenance building, administration building, a reuse water wet well for a future Class A reuse, wastewater pump station, and a standalone 2000KW standby power generation facility.


  • Cost: 20,612,000
  • Owner: EIRWWA
  • Designer: Forsgren Associates, Inc
  • Construction Period: 07/2008 - 01/2010

Filer Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

Filer WWTP completedNew WWTP including influent lift station, screening, biological treatment, membrane bioreactors (MBR), UV disinfection, biosolids and dewatering, laboratory, site work, and related items.



  • Cost: $ 10,545,000
  • Owner: City of Filer
  • Designer: JUB Engineers
  • Construction Period: 03/2010 - 09/2011

Teton Valley Regional WWTP

Teton Aeration testExpand and remodel existing headworks building, and public works shop building.  Construct  new laboratory, office space,  primary lift station, operations building, MSABP biological treatment system, flash mix, flocculation and plate settler basins, drain lift station, and  disc filter UV disinfection building, install new screen and washpactor equipment, associated yard piping, landscaping, electrical and controls.


  • Cost: $5,070,000
  • Owner: City of Driggs
  • Designer: Aqua Engineering
  • Construction Period: 07/2012 – 11/2013

Big Sandy Wastewater Improvements (Phases 2 and 3)

Construct new lined primary lagoon cell and storage lagoons, aeration and UV disinfection building, install aeration and UV disinfection equipment, force main and sanitary sewer main, pivot irrigation system, fencing, mechanical and electrical.


  • Cost: $3,286,000
  • Owner: City of Big Sandy
  • Designer: Stelling Engineers, Inc
  • Construction Period: 04/2013 - 11/2013

Emmett WWTP Secondary Treatment Repairs

Emmett 1Construct three new concrete aeration basins and clarifiers, two scum skimmers, influent splitter box, effluent weir, and power/controls, install two pre-purchased collector mechanisms and owner supplied aeration piping, clarifier equipment, gates, valves, wiring, and controls. 


  • Cost: $1,726,000
  • Owner: City of Emmett
  • Designer: Brown and Caldwell
  • Construction Period: 07/2013 - 02/2014

Hawthorne Groundwater Treatment System


Construct a groundwater treatment system capable of treating arsenic and fluoride, including water supply treatment building, plant/utilities building, 30x60x10 concrete clearwell, water filtration and chemical injection equipment, cooling tower, potable water storage tank, two  500,000 gallon water tanks,  building information systems,  site utilities,  roads,  raw water lines,  booster pump station,  yard pipe  and waterline replacements.



  • Cost: $ 8,700,000
  • Owner: USACE - Sacramento District
  • Designer: USACE - Sacramento District
  • Construction Period: 05/2008 - 05/2010

Fort Peck Water Treatment Facility

Construct new treatment plant process building which houses 8 cast in place concrete filter boxes, a single-level chemical feed and storage area, electrical load center, operations & administration area, garage/shop maintenance area, 30-foot deep drain pump station, along with associated access roads, sitework, and landscaping irrigation water system, potable water system, sanitary sewer system, equipment installation, plumbing, instrumentation & controls, heating & ventilation, and electrical.



  • Cost: $ 27,287,000
  • Owner: Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes
  • Designer: Morrison - Maierle, Inc
  • Construction Period: 06/2009 - 12/2011

NW Interceptor Portion B Paradise Lift Station


Construct Paradise Lift Station including structure, concrete, equipment, process piping and plumbing.


  • Cost: $1,566,000
  • Owner: City of Chubbuck
  • Designer: J.U.B. Engineers
  • Construction Period: 04/2010 - 11/2011

Jackpot Wastewater Treatment Plant Modifications

Modify WWTP to increase capacity to 1,060,000 GPD, construct new headworks building, install mechanical screen, blower, and  pretreatment and aeration system with patented submergible aerated bio-film reactors.


  • Cost: $ 1,565,000
  • Owner: Board of County Commissioners Elko County
  • Designer: Stantec Consulting
  • Construction Period: 02/2010 - 09/2010

Wilder Water Treatment Plant

Finished ISF, Installing Geotextilecropped
Construct influent submersible lift station, headworks building with mechanical screening, aerated lagoons, chlorine contact chamber with chemical metering pumps and intermittent sand filter and install 1,450 LF of forcemain.


  • Cost: $ 2,309,000
  • Owner: City of Wilder
  • Designer: Pharmer Engineering
  • Construction Period: 06/2009 - 03/2010