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Nampa WWTP Project Group F

A Progressive-Design-Build project to construct a 120-foot diameter Secondary Clarifier No. 4, Filter Facility, Filter Support building and Clean Water Facility (consisting of UV Disinfection and Post Aeration buildings and a Pump Station), and a Sludge Transfer Station building.

Designer: Jacobs Engineering Group
Value: $50 Million
Construction Period: 12/2021 - 07/2025
Location: Nampa, Idaho
Owner: City of Nampa

Industrial Food Plant WWTP

Construct a new 2MGD water treatment facility for a raw food processing plant. Structures include a 580-foot x 290-foot concrete Covered Anerobic Lagoon (CAL), an Aerobic Basin, Secondary Clarifier, Headworks/Screening Building, Blower and Biogas Buildings, a new well, well house, and site piping for influent and effluent wastewater, well water, and biogas lines.

Designer: The Stover Group
Value: $45 Million
Construction Period: 02/2020 - 03/2021
Location: Othello, Washington
Owner: Private Owner

Design-Build WSA Upgrade Phase 2

Design and construct three earth-covered precast concrete munitions storage modules, a one-half munitions storage module, a new CMU munitions maintenance, and handling facility, and a munitions holding pad.

Designer: Tetra Tech / WJA
Value: $9 million
Construction Period: 11/2012 - 11/2014
Location: N/A
Owner: USACE

Williams Creek (Shoup) Bridge Replacement

Replace the existing single lane, tri-span Williams Creek (Shoup) Bridge with an updated dual lane, single span structure utilizing an arched steel and suspension cable support system.

Designer: N/A
Value: $6 Million
Construction Period: 08/2016 - 06/2018
Location: Salmon, Idaho
Owner: US DOT

Devils Lake Flood Risk Management Phase 2B Embankments

Raise the existing embankments along Devils Lake from elevation 1461.2 to 1468.2 for approximately 13,500 feet, demolish and construct a new interior drainage pump station and gatewell. Pump station work consists of structural headwall with 72-inch diameter inlet piping capable of discharging 280,000 GPM through eight 42-inch HDPE discharges lines connected to a new gatewell structure constructed within an earthen cofferdam 300 feet into the lake. Other construction items include new primary and secondary power transformers and duct bank, an elevated concrete deck with steel joist and deck for pump station electrical components and pumps, an automated grease lubrication system for main pumps, 72-inch electrically actuated steel gates, 10-ton bridge crane, and overhead suspended rake system for solids collection.

Designer: USACE St. Paul District
Value: $48 Million
Construction Period: 06/2011 - 10/2013
Location: Devils Lake, North Dakota
Owner: USACE St. Paul District
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