Fall Creek Fish Facility

Construct a new adult fish collection facility, upgrade and tie in to the existing fish facility to comply with current environmental criteria, and provide a safe working environment for the end user. This effort includes a new concrete fish ladder, pre-sort structure, fish crowder, transport flumes, anesthetic tank, recovery tank, false weir, brail assembly, head box dewatering flume, post-sort structure, pre-engineered steel structure & independent mezzanine with lower access platform, installation of complex mechanical systems, tie in of large diameter carbon steel water supply and return piping, fish handling equipment, demolition and modification of the existing fish ladder, associated electrical installations, asphalt/concrete paving, and landscaping.

  • Cost: $14,336,488
  • Owner: USACE Portland District
  • Designer: USACE Portland District
  • Construction Period: 08/2016 - 07/2018