South Valley WRF Project 5

Construct a new multi-level grit removal building, including grit removal basins, grit pumping facilities, grit washing and conveying equipment, and associated appurtenances and yard piping. Modify existing bioreactors for improved biological phosphorus removal (BPR) including minor modifications to fine bubble diffusers, add mixing equipment, improve the aeration control system, add trench drains, improve mixed liquor discharge location, and associated appurtenances and yard piping.  In addition, the work includes appurtenant items related to the operation of new/replaced equipment including electrical and mechanical work. Startup, testing and commissioning of the new equipment and pumps is an integral part of the work.

  • Location: West Jordan, Utah
  • Cost: $21,129,494
  • Owner: South Valley
  • Designer: Corollo Enginers
  • Construction Period: 06/2019 - 05/2021