Wawona WWTP, Yosemite National Park

Rehabilitate the 30-year-old WWTP to update processes to contemporary standards, improve energy efficiency, increase and improve plant treatment capacity, create onsite solids handling, meet compliance of current and anticipated treatment standards, and provide adaptability to low winter and high summer flows. Construction additional offices and workroom, upgrade toilet rooms and ABA accessibility, add electrical service to the new facilities, provide testing and startup, programming and integration to the SCADA system.  Also includes golf course renovations to replace irrigation system, irrigation pump, all irrigation controls, subsurface disposal within existing Fairway 7, clearing the existing fairway, new transmission pipelines, distribution and monitoring facilities, fairway restoration, and removal of the river discharge pipeline.

  • Location: Wawona, CA
  • Cost: $19,724,970
  • Owner: National Park Service
  • Construction Period: 06/2020 - 03/2022