Self-Performed Work

The Largest Water/Wastewater Treatment Contractor in Idaho

RSCI can self-perform up to 95% of the project scope with approximately 250 construction professionals. The ability to self-perform the following diverse ranges of work is the basis of our expertise: earthwork, site piping, structural concrete, structural steel, miscellaneous metals, mechanical piping, plumbing, equipment installation, and electrical. Completed projects range from $50K to $45M.

RSCI is the largest water/wastewater treatment contractor in Idaho; coupled with over 30 years of experience, our team and resources execute any treatment facility successfully. In addition to water/wastewater, RSCI also constructs bridges, dams, fish facilities, and many other government facilities.

RSCI specializes in complex, challenging, and technical projects, often remote with limited access, and usually performed in extreme conditions over a short working season with mandatory milestones and completion dates. These are the projects in which RSCI employees thrive, demonstrating ingenuity in planning and problem-solving.

Mechanical & Electrical

RSCI’s in-house mechanical and electrical teams will be involved in the entire project. From the proposal through design, construction, commissioning, and turn-over. Mechanical and electrical systems are critical aspects of a project, and RSCI’s past success has primarily resulted in controlling and self-performing this work. RSCI’s team procures the long lead item equipment early in the design phase, and highly qualified tradesmen put quality work in place.

Roller Compacted Concrete

RCC is a concrete with zero-slump consistency and is transported, placed, and compacted using earth and rockfill construction equipment. RSCI utilizes our on-site concrete batch plant to support the mechanical compacting process. Placed in lifts, the surface may be walked on or another layer placed immediately following the compaction process. This efficient process eliminates forming and finishing, is cost effective, and extremely heavy duty.

Structural Concrete

RSCI crews place concrete on nearly every project, from temperature-controlled mass concrete for dam spillways or ogee crests to structural concrete for water retaining structures such as a 140-foot diameter cast-in-place clarifier with a 2.3-million-gallon capacity. Average projects for RSCI have 5,000 to 8,000 CY of concrete, however, it is not unusual to place from 25,000 to 35,000 CY of concrete in a single project.

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