Pre-Construction Services

RSCI’s pre-construction services focuses on advanced planning, partnerships, achieving goals and RSCI’s expertise in construction. Integrating construction expertise into the planning and design phase of your project can save time and money. Services include cost estimating, value engineering, schedule planning, and constructability reviewing.

General Contracting

Negotiated Contracts, Publicly Bid Contracts or Select Bid Lists – RSCI has the experience and support to allow you to achieve success in your construction project. Project teams are selected not only for their construction expertise but also for their ability to communicate effectively with project owners or their representatives.

Construction Management

An innovative project method that integrates the expertise of RSCI’s construction professionals into a partnership relationship with the designer, consultants, and the public agency or owner. This replaces the negative adversarial approach with a team relationship with the owner and architect. Services include accountability to the owner, advanced planning, structured bid packages, open communication, and phased construction to reduce costs and save schedule time.


Provides a single point of accountability while compressing the overall time frame for project completion by functioning as an integrated team with the owner,designer, and builder. Services include phased construction, which saves time and money by integrating design and construction. Open communication so information needed to make critical decisions is readily available.

Metal Building Design/Construction

Authorized Builder for Varco-Pruden Buildings. Efficiency in building design and construction saves time and money. RSCI utilizes the most advanced computer software to reduce design and estimating time, detail the building structure and process material accurately through the manufacturing stage. A variety of standard and flexible computerized design systems are utilized for speed and accuracy of construction elements for the engineered building. RSCI combines quality, style, function, and fast construction at an affordable price.

Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC)

RCC is a concrete with zero-slump consistency and is transported, placed, and compacted using earth and rockfill construction equipment. RSCI utilizes our on-site concrete batch plant to support the mechanical compacting process. Placed in lifts, the surface may be walked on or another layer placed immediately following the compaction process. This efficient process eliminates forming and finishing, is cost effective, and extremely heavy duty.